What is Service Membership?

Service Membership of the RSL is for any individual currently serving or who has served in the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) or any of Australia’s allied armed forces.

Service membership offers serving and ex-serving personnel mateship and comradeship with others of similar life experiences.

What are the benefits of Service Membership?

  • full voting rights within your main Sub-Branch;
  • the ability to stand for any elected position within the RSL in Victoria from a Sub-Branch Committee to State President;
  • full access to members facilities and prices at over 80 licensed RSL venues throughout
  • the right to wear the time-honoured RSL badge;
  • the opportunity to continue to enjoy the spirit of comradeship experienced during your service in the Armed Forces with other serving or ex-Defence Force members;
  • a quarterly journal through which you can keep in touch with issues relevant to League members;  and
  • the opportunity to participate in a number of RSL sporting and social activities.

Service Membership    Criteria

  • must be 18 years of age or over;
  • has served in the Australian Defence Forces in any conflict;
  • has served not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Australian Defence Forces;
  • has completed a period of National Service in the Australian Defence Force;
  • has served in the Defence Forces of any country that is part of the Commonwealth;
  • has served in the Defence Forces of New Zealand or the United States of America; and
  • is an Australian citizen and has served in the Defence Force of any country allied to Australia.

Service Membership – Where you can join

Service Membership can be applied for at Club Reception or by clicking the link below – Become a Member to access a printable Application form.
Service & Affiliate Membership