The RSL – Supporting our community

Many people believe that the RSL only assist veterans and their families when in need. This is most definitely our primary objective, and the RSL have been doing it since 1916.

The RSL effectively cover Australia with a network of state branches and Sub Branches and we provide support to current and former members of the defence forces including those currently deployed overseas and in particular, those wounded in action. We provide many advocacy services to ensure our veterans get their relevant entitlements so that they can live their post-service life with dignity.

In addition to this however, we are a community organisation and our community support is wide and varied including:
•  Local sporting groups and clubs
•  Educational institutions with grants and scholarships
•  Emergency services with equipment and funding
•  Health and aged care
•  Kindred organisations such as Legacy
• Other mainstream charities doing great work across Victoria.

Below you can read about some of the most worthy community projects we undertake every year.



During February and March this year the Greensborough RSL, in conjunction with RSL Active and Greensborough Bowling Club, conducted Barefoot Bowls at the Greensborough Bowling Club.

This was an opportunity for current and ex-serving members and their ADF families within the Greensborough area, to socialise with each other and to be introduced to RSL Victoria Network (RSL Active). Information was also provided about the Greensborough RSL. Both events were attended by members of the Greensborough RSL Committee and staff from RSL Active.

All the families that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to future events like this. The evenings started off with a quick brief by the members of the Greensborough Bowling Club about the rules of Barefoot Bowls. Then all the families enjoyed a game of bowls before returning to the club rooms for a sausage sizzle and quiet refreshment. After checking out the merchandise from RSL Active and Greensborough RSL, the families returned to the bowling green for another game.

Due to the end of the summer bowling season there will be no more barefoot bowls until October this year when we will start up again. During the winter period, Greensborough RSL and RSL Active will be conducting monthly bike rides from Greensborough RSL. These rides will be conducted on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

The Greensborough RSL and RSL Active will also be conducting wellness workshops monthly starting in May. These workshops will be conducted on Wednesday nights.

All these events are open to Veterans and their immediate families (minimal or nil cost) and also open to members of the Greensborough RSL (full costs).

If anyone is interested in conducting an event for Greensborough RSL and RSL Active, please contact the Greensborough RSL Committee.

For more information about these events or RSL Active, please contact Berdene Oxley-Boyd at committee@rsl-greensborough.com or via reception on 9435 1884.


The Greensborough RSL is proposing to hold the Andrew Jones (Afghanistan) Trophy, which is be held between St Mary’s Junior Football Club and the Greensborough Junior Football Club as a sign of appreciation that the two clubs have shown the RSL.

L/CPL Jones was killed in Afghanistan on 30 May 2011 and was from the Greensborough area.
Find out about L/CPL Jones's life here.

The carnival would be rotational basis, with each club holding the games at their home grounds every alternate year. The matches would be held on a weekend in March, prior to the start of the football season and it would be up to the respective clubs to set the fixture and It would be up to the clubs on how they would like conduct the event. Normal game duties would have to be supplied by the clubs, but the umpires would have to be sourced.

Once the amount of teams has been decided, medallions will be sourced and given to players on both sides

The final game of the day will be the Andrew Jones (Afghanistan) Trophy.

The game will start with a traditional ANZAC service and the coin toss will be done by a RSL representative. At the end of the game, it will be the presentation of the team medallions and then it would be the presentation of the trophy to the winning team, then the presentation of the (Medallion) Best on ground Award named after CAPT Malcolm Stuart Kennedy.



Christmas Care Packages well received!

Back in November last year we donated 200 Christmas Care Packages to our troops currently serving overseas.

We have started to receive thank you messages that we'd like to share with you.

Below is one of them...

Hello Greensborough RSL,

Thank you very much for your generous care package; it was extremely well received by the team. It is always an enjoyable occasion when gifts are received from home, especially this close to Christmas. It is a nice change in tempo to stop for a moment and enjoy some Aussie favourites.

To briefly tell you a bit about myself; I am serving with the Theatre Communication Group, I have a wife and two children back home and hail from Brisbane. I have spent many nights at your RSL as I have been posted to Watsonia Barracks and conduct all my training there. I'm thankful that we are able to watch some of the cricket while on deployment but am thoroughly looking forward to returning home early next year.

Thank you for your generosity.

If you'd like to read more of the wonderful letters we received from our troops, please click this link https://bit.ly/2Rz2rgO




The Greensborough RSL Sub-Branch established the Living Spirit Fellowship in 2010, as it wanted the younger generations to learn about the sacrifices made by the men and women of Australia’s’ army, navy and air force over the last century, so at to ensure that the freedoms we enjoy today are never forgotten.

The annual Fellowship is open to the Year 10, 11 and 12 students of the18 secondary schools and colleges surrounding the Greensborough RSL and provides for the successful applicant and their guardian to attend the ANZAC Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass on 25 April.

This is part of an 8 to 10-day escorted pilgrimage to Thailand and Myanmar, which covers their airfares, accommodation, most meals and related expenses.

To be in contention for the Fellowship, the students are required to submit the fully completed fellowship pack, marking sure all criteria have been met.

The four-member Selection Panel assess for the level of research and detail of their answers along with their stated expectations of the proposed visit to Hellfire Pass and what message they would bring back to the community. Interviews are conducted with the top three to five applicants in November.

The Fellowship has been largely funded by the generous financial support of sponsors, from around the Greensborough area, together with RSL Sub-Branch funds and donations.

All previous winners have commented favourably on their experience.

  • In his submission, the winner of the 2016-17 Fellowship, Luke Stella stated that it was expected to be a life changing event.
  • In her submission, the winner of the 2015-16 Fellowship, Bridget James stated that she wanted to walk in the footsteps of her great grandfather who died as a prisoner of war at Hellfire Pass.
  • The winner of the 2014-15 Fellowship, Alana Roberts stated she expected the tour to be “a once in a lifetime experience”. On her return she said the experience was “AMAZING”.
  • Aydan Hussein, the winner of the 2013-14 Fellowship, said he “enjoyed the tour immensely and it was a great cultural and historical learning experience”.

Students who are interested in applying for the next Fellowship, are encouraged to ask their Year Co-ordinator or teacher for a copy of the Application Form. Alternatively, Application Forms may be requested by email from: Livingspirit@rsl-greensborough.com.

Applications for the current year close on Friday 3rd November 2018.


   audio-clinic-May-2016   DYSONS-latest


joel sardi

In May 2015, Greensborough RSL became aware of the circumstances of a young veteran whose story  had been published in the local Leader newspaper.  Our CEO, Barry Thompson, on reading the article, bought  Joel’s  plight to the attention of the Committee with the message, ‘we have to help this young man’.

Joel was a Regular Army Infantry soldier who served seven months in Afghanistan with the 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment as a rifleman.  He was awarded a commendation from the USAF for his high standard of soldiering and professionalism.  He was also an outstanding footballer who represented Army in inter-service competitions and enjoyed Army life – the all round contemporary soldier of the modern soldiering era.

But all that changed forever on 31st August 2014 when Joel had a fall over a staircase and broke his C2 and C5 vertebrae.   The fall left Joel with spinal cord damage as well as fractured thoracic vertebrae and his sternum.  At the time he underwent six hours of surgery and doctors were able to stabilise his neck fractures to prevent further spinal cord damage by inserting a titanium cage and fusing the C4 to the C6.

The injury that night left Joel a C5 incomplete quadriplegic, meaning there is still some messages getting through the spinal cord and the extent of his recovery is unknown.  Joel has no movement in his legs and his upper body can only activate his biceps, forearms and wrists.

Whilst his injuries occurred in Adelaide where Joel was based, he was airlifted from the Royal Adelaide Hospital to Melbourne’s Austin Hospital followed by 12 months at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital. 

To date, the Sub-Branch has assisted with medical expenses, equipment and home improvements to make his living conditions ‘wheels’ friendly.

Joel will be undertaking two months of rehabilitation in the US (San Diego) under the banner of Project Walk during June and July 2016.  Project Walk provides an improved quality of life for people with disabilities through intense activity-based recovery programmes, education, training, research and development.  The treatment on offer is not yet available in Australia.  

joel sardi_2

He hopes to be able to come back stronger, more independent and knowledgeable about his injury and how to keep succeeding in his recovery.

Please follow Joel's journey on our website and Facebook page as we share his reports from the US.

Greensborough RSL would like to thank the following sub-branches for their assistance in helping to get Joel to the US:  Anzac House,  Bairnsdale,  Bentleigh,  Box Hill, Dandenong, Glenroy, Longbeach, Reservoir, Sunshine and Watsonia.

As we tell those who buy a poppy, your donation helps the Joel’s of this world.


P1010948 P1010947   

Over the years the RSL have made it possible for numerous deserving children to attend the annual RSL supported Portsea Camp. This year 6 lucky children were selected from numerous Banyule Primary Schools and yesterday driven to Portsea by our CEO, Barry Thompson and our Secretary, Bill Telfer.

As you can see all the children were very excited about their little adventure away, and after a quick lunch at Maccas it was off to Portsea to start their week of fun and games.

Have fun kids!